Sunday, October 21, 2012

Pizza Rollups

I had this genius idea one day. ANYTHING can go in a crescent roll:) So lately I’ve been trying all sorts of things!! My favorite combo is the pizza one. I made it once and then made it 3 more times. It’s also a KID FAVORITE. Is so easy, so delicious and perfect for those nights that your short on time and patience for dinner. I also recommending making more than you think you need because I ran out VERY quickly all the times I made them with people wanting more.

Crescent rolls
Pizza sauce
Mozzarella cheese

Unroll the crescent rolls into each individual roll. Spread a thin layer of pizza sauce on the whole triangle except for the very tip. Then add cheese and a few slices of pepperoni. Rollup and place on a cookie sheet and bake as directed on the package of crescent rolls. ENJOY!!


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