Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Train Cake

1 French Vanilla cake mix
2 Devils Food cake mixes
1 recipe cream cheese frosting
M&M's regular size and mini

Make the french vanilla cake according to package directions and bake in 2 - 8 inch pans. Let cool about 10 minutes after baking and remove from pan to cool completely.

Make the devils food cake mixes one at a time and bake 1 cake mix in 1 10 inch pan (unless you have a larger one...like 12 inch.) Repeat. Let cool about 10 minutes after baking and remove from pan to cool completely.

Cut the "top" off of any top to make the cakes flat on both top and bottom.

To Build:
Place 1 devils food cake on a cake stand or platter. Top with chocolate cream cheese frosting (made from regular cream cheese frosting and adding a few tablespoons of cocoa powder, or until it tastes good to you.) Top with other devils food cake. Frost bottom 2 layers with cream cheese frosting.

Place a bowl around the french vanilla cakes and cut into about a 6-7 inch circle (just smaller enough to be able to pipe a train track around the bottom layer.) Place one layer on top of bottom two frosted layers in the middle. Top with strawberry cream cheese frosting (made by adding a little strawberry jam to the cream cheese frosting - I use homemade strawberry freezer jam.) Top with remaining layer. Frost with cream cheese frosting.

To decorate:
Pipe around edges however you like, using whatever color combination you like. To make the dots, I used mini and regular M&M's. Then I had a HUGE Thomas that I put on the top and a regular one to put on the actual track on the bottom layer. TA-DA!!! You have a Thomas cake!!! You actually could put anything you want on this cake and make it whatever kind of cake you want...it's just a fun base to use.

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  1. You are soo creative Miranda! I love it, and I'm going to have to try ALL of your recipes. You have yet to post one that doesn't sound yummy, and that I haven't wanted to try.